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An Awesome Birthday Card for an Awesome Friend by BaconBaka An Awesome Birthday Card for an Awesome Friend :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 5 3 Yoshi's Birthday Gift by BaconBaka Yoshi's Birthday Gift :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 6 1 Drift must want to be a dad... by BaconBaka Drift must want to be a dad... :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 0 3 A Rather Floaty Gift by BaconBaka A Rather Floaty Gift :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 6 3 Someone's a fan of YuGiOh Abridged... by BaconBaka Someone's a fan of YuGiOh Abridged... :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 2 0 July 4th Pic by BaconBaka July 4th Pic :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 7 0 Grace - The Froot Loop by BaconBaka Grace - The Froot Loop :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 4 5 Maureen - The Gal of the Seas by BaconBaka Maureen - The Gal of the Seas :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 5 4 Total Drama: School Scuffle Preview by BaconBaka Total Drama: School Scuffle Preview :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 6 11 Explosivo's Birthday Card by BaconBaka Explosivo's Birthday Card :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 5 3 Dana, in Trans Colors by BaconBaka Dana, in Trans Colors :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 9 1 Punx's Ivy by BaconBaka Punx's Ivy :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 7 2 One Totally Awesome gift for a Totally Awesome Dad by BaconBaka One Totally Awesome gift for a Totally Awesome Dad :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 5 7 COMMISSION - Sumomo and Tobio by BaconBaka COMMISSION - Sumomo and Tobio :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 8 4 Punx's Odd by BaconBaka Punx's Odd :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 9 4 After Midnight... by BaconBaka After Midnight... :iconbaconbaka:BaconBaka 6 4


COMM: Railway Children by LaptopGeek92 COMM: Railway Children :iconlaptopgeek92:LaptopGeek92 3 2 Just Lizzie by ABwingz Just Lizzie :iconabwingz:ABwingz 12 3 Knight Time by Shenaniganza Knight Time :iconshenaniganza:Shenaniganza 367 26 Mario RPG Boss Jamboree by Shenaniganza Mario RPG Boss Jamboree :iconshenaniganza:Shenaniganza 733 42 Carol and Emma by Centchi Carol and Emma :iconcentchi:Centchi 165 2 Requests 2- Electric Boogaloo by Epifex Requests 2- Electric Boogaloo :iconepifex:Epifex 56 18 Funko Self Portrait by FluffySnuffy Funko Self Portrait :iconfluffysnuffy:FluffySnuffy 10 19 Hammer Space: Heart Attack by ABwingz Hammer Space: Heart Attack :iconabwingz:ABwingz 18 18 Hammer Space: Cuter Tuter by ABwingz Hammer Space: Cuter Tuter :iconabwingz:ABwingz 23 16
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Super Smash Bros. Logos (Version 2) :icontriforcej:TriforceJ 14 0
Holy Crap I'm Glad You're Back by AgentC-24 Holy Crap I'm Glad You're Back :iconagentc-24:AgentC-24 31 8
My favorite Nicktoons... back to life! Part 1
Hey folks, Orange Ratchet here!  And that's right, I'm going to be showing off the sneak peeks Nick is showing at this year's Comic-Con!  And personally, I couldn't be more excited for it!
Okay, so, first up, we'll be talking about Rocko's Modern Life!  Now, I watched Rocko a lot growing up, and it was a very enjoyable show... and as an adult, I can get all the jokes!  It's nice to see the wallaby and his friends go through life in modern society... even if some things weren't quite as normal... so, yeah, as you probably have heard, there's going to be a television movie coming out next year... and nothing has been heard from it... until now, that is!  That's right, "Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling", has just released a little sneak peek into what Rocko and his friends are up to... why don't we take a look, shall we?
From this sneak peek, it's amazing!  The old actors have returned, the animation is great, and the humor is the same as its' always be
:iconorange-ratchet:Orange-Ratchet 3 2
Commission - New Team Memeber by miraclesoup Commission - New Team Memeber :iconmiraclesoup:miraclesoup 13 12
RT:Johto - It's Too Early For This - Pt.2
REGION TROTTERS: Johto Jeopardies - Episode 3
Boys - Francis (DRAGON), Gareth (BUG), Jackson (ICE), Logan (GRASS), Monty (WATER), Samson (DARK), Seymour (GROUND), Simun (FLYING)
Girls - April (POISON), Cassandra (ELECTRIC), Ferrum (STEEL), Keira (GHOST), Marta (PSYCHIC), Rise (FIRE), Ruth (NORMAL), Vecepia (FIGHTING), Yuri-Chan (FAIRY)
=== Route 32, Southern Route, Long Route === (This is an incredibly large route. This route has a pier and dock system down underneath and around the elevated concrete railroad tracks for the Magnet Train)
(The camera pans upward. On the railroad tracks high above the road, April stands on the tracks. She turns to the camera)
April: Hello T.V. World! It’s APRIL! April of the “Brink Of Bremens”! I’m here to perform a top notch trick for you all that I like to call “Don’t Call Me Flat”!
(April spins and turns to the Magnet Train coming towards her)
April: I’m going to simultaneously win this challenge AND p
:iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 10 90
[SPOILERS] Johto Jeopardies - Pokemon Record by CoGreen20 [SPOILERS] Johto Jeopardies - Pokemon Record :iconcogreen20:CoGreen20 10 14


Basically, a headshot you can use for an avatar! Just ask what you want, and it shall be done! :)

Please note, I'm mostly good at humans.
Full Body Picture
Pretty much a full body pic of your OC. Just describe what you want, along with any details that he or she usually has, and I'll see what I can do. But make sure to leave a comment in the Commissions Folder first, okay? And pay me after the Commission is done. :)



An Awesome Birthday Card for an Awesome Friend
Today's a good friend of mine's birthday, one I knew since Middle School. So, I decided to draw this up for him, featuring Natz giving said friend a letter A. :)

As for the 'Rated' thing? Well... That's a LONG story. XD

Natz belongs to me.
We got Jungle Boogie! :D

Man, the nostalgia is big... I'm totally fanboying right now. :)
Yoshi's Birthday Gift
Today is my good buddy, :iconanoptimisticsnarker:'s birthday! And I decided to draw up his very first character that premiered on here, Rory! Yeah, I gave him a bit of an upgrade, concerning the design on his shirt. I used the warp star logo from Smash and recolored it, and made the font come out almost Kirby-like.

Happy Birthday, dude! You deserve it! :)

Kirby and the Warp Star belongs to Nintendo.
Rory belongs to :iconanoptimisticsnarker:
Drift must want to be a dad...
Yeah, this happened earlier this morning in my game... Couldn't help but share. ^^;

Animal Crossing belongs to Nintendo.


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Not Tellin'
Artist | Digital Art
United States
Hi, there. The name's BaconBaka, and I'm... Kinda a geek. But also a writing/drawing geek! And If you want, you can check out my writings on here and on I'm also a gamer, though I'm mostly on handhelds. And a Pokemaniac. ...Yeah, that's about the gist of it. Also, my characters may interact with you from time to time. But don't worry, they won't bite! Mostly. :)

For my alternate account for anything not Total Drama related, it's here: :iconsausagesenpai:


Balloonitics: Survived The Oogieloves in the Great Balloon Adventure (Yeah, that one was painful to get.)

Tree Free: Survived The Christmas Tree Christmas Cartoon

Costume Not-So Creepy: Survived Cool Cat Saves The Kids

FoodBitten: Survived FoodFight

Recycling Garbage: Survived The Garbage Pail Kids

Deforested: Survived Bio-Dome

Christmas Pains: Survived Kirk Cameron Saves Christmas

Shellshock: Survived We Wish You A Turtle Christmas (That was painful...)

Giftrapped: Survived Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa

Extinct: Survived Wolf Tracer's Dinosaur Island (Dear God, that was more painful than GPK!)

Sky High: Survived Birdemic

Non-Stop Action: Survived Who Killed Captain Alex? (In all seriousness, this flick was good.)

Mimikyu is crying now: Survived Master of Disguise.

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