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Dictionary Allignment Chart by BaconBaka
Dictionary Allignment Chart

Much like I did one for GvsP, I decided to do an Alignment Chart for Dictionary, as well.

Lawful Good: Vikki HeartLove

Despite her status as a clown, she's a caring soul, not resorting to violence when things get hectic. And she always tries to bring a smile to everyone's faces.

Neutral Good: Maxwell Spitz

Even though he thinks of anime nearly all the time, he's still a friendly person, even helping out another camper get out of their shell, and supporting his love interest from another team.

Chaotic Good: Whitney Morgan

An energetic gal with a lotta scars and bandages, and yet, she's still a nice gal. Helping out her love interest when they had to face their fear, to saving the day via… unconventional methods she always had her team's best interest at heart.

Lawful Neutral: Isaac Hakkit

While he started out the game as your usual shy type, he crawled out of his shell into an impressive player of sorts. He still has a bit of a road ahead of him, but time will tell if he can cross said road.

True Neutral: Tina Gaimspeer

A caring girl, with a love for Nintendo. But while she was at odds with Peter, she didn't downright hate him, and didn't even vote for him in his elimination episode. And with her knowing Bob prior to the game, it's safe to say that she has a way to go.

Chaotic Neutral: Omelette ShineBrite

A kooky girl, who would rather spend her time looking at butts. But when it's time to get one's hands dirty, she can throw down, like the rest of them.

Lawful Evil: Peter Cerebus

More or less your usual CoD fanboy, who dislikes Tina for reasons unknown. He doesn't downright hate her, however. He also has a bit of a softer side, like having a crush on a camper on the island.

Neutral Evil: Zero Chance

Your average troublemaker on the island. He doesn't care much about any of the campers, and rather hang around with animals. Got upset when he got the boot, though.

Chaotic Evil: Francis Jackson

A truly vile person, who frames campers on the other team, all so he can get ahead, snaps violently whenever anyone mentions any Pokemon above 151, and outst an intern of their transexuality. He's not that nice... At ALL.

The blank chart belongs to :iconchopsilverblood:. Blank chart is here:…

All of the above characters belong to me.

My laptop's cracked on the bottom of the monitor... (But not the monitor itself)
Happy Birthday, mom...

I miss you.
Tween Tour's Dexter by BaconBaka
Tween Tour's Dexter
Yeah, I felt I had to draw :iconcragmiteblaster:'s resident bathroom fanatic, Dexter!

I... kinda tried to make him as insane as possible.

Dexter belongs to :iconcragmiteblaster:

Well, as requested by various people… I think it's time I expose my various Pokemon team to you all! And hey, being the series is reaching its 20th Anniversary, I feel it's time to do so. So…


Tux the Prinplup: Named after my Verna's Piplup, it's my Water Type starter of this game. Sure, while the name doesn't fit now… Just wait until it evolves a second time. And hey, at least that tux isn't a rental. :D

Kasimar the Skorupi: Named after :iconcragmiteblaster:'s Kasimar, he… Well, doesn't follow his namesake that well. I imagine my resident Skorupi as a pacifist, not wanting to fight unless forced to.

Pennie the Vespiquen: Named after :iconslimy-pennies:, she's quite the powerhouse of the group. I also tried to make everything that involved this Vespiquen feel very Pennie, as well.

Olivia the Houndour: Named after my resident metalhead, Olivia. I feel she's gonna be quite an awesome Houndoom, someday. And hey, it feels like something Olivia would use, if given the chance.


Ada the Luxio: Mainly there for Electric Type coverage, she's also quite powerful. Not sure how long I may keep her, though. Named after GvsP's Ada.

Elliebean the Shieldon: Mainly my Wall of the group. Not sure if I may keep him, too. Named after Ellis' nickname given to him by his older sis.

A future party member may be Froslass, with the nickname Ivy. No two guesses who she's named after.

Pokemon Black

Toriel the Audino: Come on, you GOT to know who she's named after! She's more or less my Normal Type of the group until I can get something… Stronger Than You. Hint-Hint, Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge… I'll stop, now.

Jeremiah theTirtouga: He's basically my Water Type, named after my Jeremiah. Both of them shared that name, due to how they were both frozen in time. Only that Jeremiah's stay lasted over 100 years, while Tirtouga is prehistoric… Literally!

Dragoettes the Emolga: Named after :icondragonettes: due to her icon, she's my Electric Type user. Quite crafty to boot with Volt Switch.

Mozart the Throh: Yeah, I figured it was time to start using some of the more overlooked Pokemon. Throh proves his own in battle, what with Vital Throw being a main move of his. Named after Mozart from GvsP.

Stella the Maractus: Also rarely seen, Maractus gets its time to shine out there. She's proven she isn't no slouch in battle, though! Named after Stella from GvsP.


Cashew the Chesnaught: Named after Cashews. He's quite the powerful sort, taking no crap from anyone. If anyone messes with him, their ass is his type!

Donanardo the Blastoise: Named after two of the Ninja Turtles. He's my Water Type of Kalos, and he proves he's quite powerful on the field as well.

Tashna the Meowstic: Named after :iconcragmiteblaster:'s Tashna from the Zirisian Princess series, she's quite the awesome Psychic Type cat, with a good movepool, as well.

Xylia the Slurpuff: You guys should know who she's named after! Anyways, she's quite… surprising. I was looking through my HM's one time, and found out that Swirlix can learn SURF. Always been a staple to my team since she was introduced.

Bea the Kangaskhan: Named after Bea from :iconcragmiteblaster:'s Tween Tour. When I first saw MegaKangaskhan a few years ago, I instantly knew I wanted her on the team. She's saved my ass several times before, and looks so damn cool doing it.

Alec the Goodra: Named after Alec, and given to me by a good friend, I… was on the fence on using Goodra as a Goomy… At first. Now, I'm glad I did kept a spot on the team for him. He proven his status as Psuedo-Legendary quite well.

Well, those are my teams that I can expose… So far. If anything changes, I'll update it. :)


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Hi, there. The name's BaconBaka, and I'm... Kinda a geek. But also a writing/drawing geek! And If you want, you can check out my writings on here and on I'm also a gamer, though I'm mostly on handhelds. And a Pokemaniac. ...Yeah, that's about the gist of it. Also, my characters may interact with you from time to time. But don't worry, they won't bite! Mostly. :)

For my alternate account for anything not Total Drama related, it's here: :iconsausagesenpai:


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